A Day In The Life of Pukeko Corner

8.00 Children arrive
With children finding and placing their name tags on the locker. Lunch boxes go on the kitchen bench where a teacher will put them in the fridge, drink bottles in the container. Please hang out with us for while.

9.15 Free play

Children can choose where they play (inside or out), activities are set up and group activities planned if children would like to join in. Time is taken to build on individual children or group interests.

9.30-11.00 Morning tea
Children can choose when they want to eat. Fruit is put on food table and sometimes other healthy snacks. A teacher is responsible for this time, supervising the table and reminding those children who forget to eat to do so. Children can tick off their name on the morning tea list, to support name recognition.

11:30am Tidy up time
We encourage children to take responsibility for the environment, working together to keep it tidy and safe.

11.35am  Whanau Mat time

11.45am Karakia for food

11.50am Lunch time
Lunch is a great social time, sitting around the tables chatting about all sorts of things.

12.15pm Free Play 

In summer sunblock children.  Again children can choose where they want to play, inside or out. Continuing on with the morning activities or creating new ones.                                 

2.20 Tidy up time

2.30 Mat time
Ka Kite (goodbye song). Story, game or music. 

2.45 - 5.00pm  

For those children staying later  afternoon tea and planned fun activities together.                                                            

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